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Whether you need single or double hung windows installed in your home, the experts at River City Exteriors have you covered! Our windows are available in a wide range of sizes, styles, colors and materials, making them an excellent choice for any home in San Antonio.

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Single Hung Windows: An Ideal Blend of Looks and Efficiency

Single hung windows, also known as sash windows, make for a cost-effective, energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing window option for your home. Unlike hinged or projecting windows, both single-hung and double-hung windows contain two vertical sashes—an upper and a bottom sash. With single hung windows, you can only open the bottom sash. The top sash is sealed right to the frame and there is no weather stripping to it. You will find a meeting rail, i.e., the part where the two sashes meet in both single and double hung windows. However, in single hung windows, the section upwards of the meeting rail is completely rigid. There is no way it can come out of the frame. The bottom part, i.e., the movable sash, on the other hand, draws on the rigidity of the frame for strength. There are several benefits to single hung windows. First of all, it takes less space than hinged and projecting windows. As such, this type of window is ideal for use in small rooms and in tighter spaces. You don’t need to open the windows outward to let the air come in.

Single hung windows also make for a highly energy efficient option, both in comparison to double hung windows as also to projecting or hinged windows. Since there are so few moving parts in the whole fixture, there is little scope for unwanted air to sneak into your home. So, with single hung windows, you get enough sunlight in and cross breezes, too, as long as you have more than one window open. And all this while saving precious dollars via reduced energy bills. In addition, single hung windows are also a safer option compared to double-hung windows. There is only one lock, so chances are few that you’ll forget to lock your windows. More importantly, in a double hung window, one must take proper care and see to it every time that the upper sash of the window is properly locked. Otherwise, gravity may sometime pull down the sash and compromise your home’s safety thereby. Now, with their upper sashes remaining tightly sealed, you won’t have to worry about this at all when it comes to single hung windows. The latter are also a cost-effective option compared to their double-hung siblings as the former typically cost about 20% less than double-hung windows. Finally, if you want to replace your existing single hung windows, you’ll have lots of options available in terms of style, frame, energy efficient pane, etc.

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Double Hung Windows: A Perfect Mix of Style, Convenience and Efficiency

Of all basic window types, the double hung windows happen to be the most popular choice for residential buildings in the US. From the outside, they look pretty similar to single hung windows and consist of a top and a bottom sash joined by a meeting rail. However, in contrast to their older siblings, both sashes in double hung windows happen to be movable ones. This means you can open either the upper or the lower panel, according to your choice; or you can open them both half ways in order to create a better recirculating effect. Opening your double hung window in this fashion will allow warm air to escape from the upper opening while at the same time allowing fresh and cool air inside through the opening in the bottom sash. And this feature is particularly valuable for smaller rooms containing a single window or two at most. Another great advantage of double hung windows is that both panels are fitted with inward tiling mechanism and this enables you to clean all your windows easily from the inside of your home. In contrast, since the upper panel of single hung windows is fixed to the frame, one can only clean the bottom sash from inside and cleaning the upper sash will have to be performed from outside.

Double hung windows also come in a great variety of styles, sizes and finishes and just like single hung windows, work great in almost all types of traditional American homes such as farmhouses, tudors, cottages, old houses made in Victorian or colonial style, cape cods, ranch homes, craftsman homes and more. Now, this is hardly a surprise considering that sash windows go back a long way, as far back as the 17th century, in fact. At the same time, these windows fit in perfectly at most modern homes and buildings as well. So, if you’re considering replacing your old windows (which you should since older windows can lead to a variety of issues including higher energy expenses, decreased safety, increased risk of water damage and mold and mildew growth), it is a wiser choice to settle for double hung windows. For the reasons we have already mentioned above, but also because these windows are highly energy efficient ones. Compared to single hung windows, the double hung windows are slightly less energy efficient since they contain more moving parts, meaning there are more chances of potential air leakage. However, this is never too much of an issue as long as you’re investing in a quality product from a reputed manufacturer.

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