Having a sunroom is the best way to add value, comfort and extra living space to your home. Sunrooms are warm and inviting for the family to enjoy for years to come. Whichever style you choose, straight or curved eave, traditional patio room or enclosing your existing patio cover, you’ll know for sure that you’ve purchased an asset that will increase the value of your home in San Antonio and New Braunfels.


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C-Thru Sunrooms

River City Exteriors provides the San Antonio area with the best energy efficient sun rooms. The details highlight your patio, pool, or exterior property view. Determining what type of sun room you want is what our professionals are here to help you select. The C-Thru option is a good choice for many reasons; they have sturdy construction that is energy efficient and high quality.

Enjoy all four seasons with a c-thru sun room. Transform and design a sun room with the details that matter to you. Choose the shelf sizes and frame with beautiful vines that grow up the shelves and banisters of your home. Having an in home c-thru conservatory to display your plants and allow them the important sunlight is a great way to increase the value of your home.

Sunroom Glass Selections

Selecting the right glass is an essential element of your new sun room. River City Exteriors provides five different glass options that are designed with proprietary Smart Glass an economical single pain. Smart Glass 60 is considered the more efficient option. And, Lo-E glass is a duel pane glass that is high performance with a number of excellent perks.

Lo-E glass was developed in the 1970s because of an oil shortage. As students submitted potential presentations, the first low-e technology glass students developed was supported by the Department of Energy which invested resources to support the development of this glass coating that increases energy efficiency and complies with building codes.

Low-E Glass Technology 

After the turn of the century low-E glass technology increased in popularity significantly. The awareness and concerns surrounding global warming brought attention to the need for ways to lower energy costs. Renewal by Anderson is known as one of the most respected window insulation companies in the industry and many others are experts in low-E glass installations. They provide estimates and more importantly detailed answers to any questions you might have while investigating the best windows to install in your home.

The coating on low-E glass provides protection for UV (ultraviolet) light, visible light, and IR (infrared) light. UV lights are what causes fabrics to fade. IR light is the type of light that causes heat or increases the temperature within a room or building. The best benefit of low-E light are the not just the tint or aesthetic qualities. However, the performance is what makes them ideal: beat the heat, lower cooling costs, and enjoy the high quality performance.

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Superior Glass Technology

Adding space to your home with a sun room is a great way to increase your property value and expand the square footage that increases your home’s value in a number of different ways. Many different home owners evaluate the C-Thru option versus the Superior Glass technology. Superior Glass technology provides balance. Solar Control and high visibility are key factors in providing comfort, energy, and UV protection.

Superior Glass in super to Low-E glass in that a triple layer of protection is provided in an unprecedented attempt to provide the ideal sun room. Superior Glass also called LoE3-366 (c) is known for the ability to provide visibility while repelling solar heat.

The Purpose of A Sunroom

The purpose of a sun room is typically to expand a room, increase the lighting, and allow for house plans and garden plants to have a place to start growing in the spring while freezing is still a risk. Having a sun room is a great way to enjoy the seasons and your plants through the winters. Choosing the correct design and glass is an important part of designing a sun room.

The expansion of living space and the increase in natural sun light increase a home’s positive energy. The importance of light in a home is vital to those who live within the home. Having natural sunlight brightening the home helps defend against seasonal depression. Growing an in door garden can brighten the moods of patients who suffer seasonal depression disorder.

Superior Quality Sunrooms 

The use of quality materials and manufacturing your sun room to suit your ideal needs is vital to ensuring the sun room increase the value of your property. Using products that are top of the line ensure that the sun room will last a lifetime. Choosing the right design is as important as choosing the right glass.

Whatever glass you choose ensure you’ve done your research. Every location has different pluses and drawbacks. It’s important to look over the property and design a sun room that suits the land and increase the value of the property. When purchasing the glass for the sun room and other materials inquire about the warranties. Many warranties are transferable and this is an important selling point for new owners considering the sun room you’ve designed and valuing it with the property value. Choosing the right materials matters.

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